Шрифт Raina


Raina is one of the sans serif font combinations with the display font. Unlike the other solid, firm displays of sans serif font, Raina expresses more artistic, unique displays as a result of the display font’s character combinations. Its differing letter shapes from ordinary alphabets create uniqueness for this font because each letter has no straight lines, but indentations or cavities instead, and no tiny lines or hooks as a sans serif font character. With the unique shape of this font, use this font on bigger screens for a legibility reason.

This font has included outstanding features to take your creativity and ideas to the next level. Features:

  • Ligatures
  • Multilingual Supports
  • PUA Encoded
  • Numerals and Punctuations

Raina fits for various design projects, such as posters, banners, logos, book covers, quotes. , headings, printed products, merchandise, social media, etc. Find out more ways to use this font by taking a look at the font preview.